Unique Non Floral Boutonnieres

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Unique Non floral Boutonnieres for the men in the wedding party can be easily made in advance if materials other than fresh flowers are used. This is a great do-it-yourself project and is very budget friendly. Brides and grooms are now opting for alternatives to floral boutonnieres.

Succulent Boutonniere

Non Floral Boutonniere

According to Martha Stewart, the groom, dads and groomsmen will have a special keepsake if they wear these alternative non-floral boutonnieres. Trending right now are vintage materials, succulents, herbs, ribbon flowers, buttons, cotton, evergreens, feathers, burlap, shells, as well as other rustic and thematic items that describe the interest, hobby or personality of the groom, the dads and the groomsmen.

Feather Boutonniere

Unique Non Floral Boutonnieres

Stylish and Fun Boutonnieres – Los Angeles Wedding Trend

Flowers are no longer the de riguer for men’s boutonnieres, as a matter of fact, the Los Angeles wedding trend is leaning towards fun, bespoke boutonnieres made of deviant, out of the ordinary materials such as miniature sports memorabilia, or sporting articles.

Unique Boutonnieres

Unique Non Floral Boutonnieres

There’s a spark plug boutonniere for the mechanic, film reel or clapper for a Hollywood junkie, bait for the fisherman, miniature clubs for the golf enthusiast, a mini guitar for the band player – even a Super Mario mini doll for the video game fan! Popular wedding themes can be denoted in the styling of the boutonniere. Examples are the use of shells and starfish for a beach wedding. burlap, cotton and twigs for a rustic or country themed wedding.

Alternative Boutonniere Ideas

Some of the most unique ideas for alternative boutonniere can be found on Pinterest and Etsy. I’ve collected some of the photos to share with you in the hopes that these cute morsels of creativity will inspire you to create your very own alternative non floral boutonniere.

Unique and Trendy Boutonnieres

Unique Non Floral Boutonnieres

Make the men in your wedding stand out and shine. Below video is a very creative version of a non floral boutonniere. You can use semi-precious gemstones, quartz or crystals that speak of the qualities you and your fiance value. These gems have been given many attributes throughout the ages. Different traditions ascribe different traits to them – follow the link for a general list of stones and their common associations.

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