Wedding Reception Ideas

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mr and mrs

Your wedding theme has a lot, if not, 100% to do with the flavor of your celebration. The decorations, music, food, favors, etc—- are tied in together to create the ambiance unique to your wedding.

These days, brides and/or their planners get very creative with what they do with the many details in the wedding reception. Let’s take a peak at some of the out of the ordinary takes being thought out for this fun part of the wedding celebration.

The transition from ceremony to reception is very important. Try not to have a long break in between. If you must have photography done in between, make sure to plan for light activity for your guest so they are not left hanging. This is a good time to have them sign your guest book, leave a note of best wishes, or if you’re having your wedding in a garden or vineyard — to have a nice stroll around the grounds. Opening the bar, serving hors d’ oeuvres, and starting the photo booth are good starters.


photobooth props

Below are lips and moustaches from Fox Hollow Cottage that you can print yourself. Just right click, open to a new tab and save image as. For more printable stuff, go to


Moustache printables

If you have single friends, let them bring a date, this includes members your wedding party. At the reception, make sure they can be seated with their dates.

Kelly Bare, in her book, the DIY Wedding, shared the following tips on Tabletops and other accents:

• Masses of candles of different heights placed on mirrors to reflect more light and catch drips. Just make sure they are unscented. (Church supply stores are an absolutely brilliant place to buy simple, unscented candles.)

candles on table

• Clear glass vases filled with sand, pebbles, rice, or another interesting grain or legume, with candles or plants anchored in them.


plants in pebbles

• Fantastic tablecloths with very simple centerpieces, such as candles in small votive holder. Colored tablecloths can be cheap to rent, but you might consider bolts of fabric or lace, brightly patterned fabrics, or multi colored ribbons that fits your wedding theme. For an artsy couple having an urban loft wedding, drop cloths from home supply stores are very affordable. Their artsy guests may be able to paint their table at some point during the break between ceremony and reception and have photographs taken of the guests with their masterpiece as a memento of the wedding.


painted table

cobalt blue

• Platters or bowls of vegetables or fruit. In summer, try heaps of nectarines on cobalt blue platters; in fall, seductive bunches of Concord grapes or piles of bright green apples in stoneware bowls; in winter, stacks of clementines, lemons, or other citrus fruit on white china.

green apples

blue crystals

citrus and pomegranate

• For fall wedding, a simple scattering of the most breathtaking leaves you can find. Have them picked as close to the time of the ceremony as possible.

fall leaves

• Ask your family and friends who may have a collection of what you can use for your dessert or guest book table to borrow them for the wedding. Be sure not to ask for fragile and very expensive items so you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged. Paintings, statues, vases, bird cages or other works of art that can be used to decorate the tables are some examples.


• Nowadays, bridal couples are opting for open seating during the reception and many have come up with creative ways to let guests know they can sit anywhere they want, except for the mandatory bride and groom seats —- which by the way have been whimsically designated using various fun markers such as this:

mr and mrs 2

no seat chart

Pick your seat

• For your pre-reception activity and cocktail hour, consider having tall cocktail tables with no chairs. This is a good place to have those “wedding wishes” cards for your guests to sign

cocktail table

• Signs, signs, signs — unlimited signs!

sign 2

sign 3

love is patient

just wait


drinks sign

• Some couples honor their wedding party by creating a display or pictures a brief description of each of the wedding party and how they became friends. This is such a “wow” idea and is a fabulous way to say thank you to the bridesmaids and groomsmen for all their support to make your dream wedding come true.

maids and men

More in my next post. In the meantime….

Here’s to being fabulous ever after!


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