Handmade Wedding Invitation

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Unique Wedding Invitation

Unique Wedding Invitations
DIY Handmade Wedding Invitation


I love working on do it yourself (DIY) ¬†projects that stimulate my creativity. ¬†I’m infatuated with texture, mixing different media, and incorporating everything that plays up my senses. My husband and I set a vision that our wedding day will be one of a kind, reflecting our individual tastes and personalities.

One of the many projects that we tremendously enjoyed doing together is our wedding invitation. Not being able to find exactly what we wanted from catalogs and online stores, it was an easy decision that we will have a handmade wedding invitation…made with love.

We were so thrilled with how gorgeous the invitations turned out! Our handmade wedding invitation has a story to tell. Something we can never get from mass produced invitations. We were even more surprised at how little it costs us to customize our invite. Our families and friends even volunteered to help out. The process was fun and the time we spent with them in putting the invitations together….priceless!

Today, I am offering the same experience of truly expressing your individuality. Capture your inspiration and make your event or wedding invitation uniquely yours. I promise you that the experience of creating and receiving a custom handcrafted wedding invitation will create lifetime memories.

Stay fabulous and irresistible,

Beth Neaman